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Chapman Logging

Chapman Logging Ax Men

Ax Men Chapman LoggingChapman Logging is the newest logging crew on the hit series Ax Men. The series is now in it’s 7th season and it’s popularity is continuing to grow. Fans are completely in awe at the amount of risk these guys take every day. Although the companies get paid handsomely for the trees they cut it’s still doesn’t compare to the possibility of being killed on the job. These men are pros and what they do we could only imagine the safety procedures and knowledge loggers have to know. The crew consist of Greg Chapman, Roger Gunter and Leslie Jeter. Chapman got on Ax Men after the death of cast member Jimmy Smith of the S&S. The producers went to Florida and looked up all the people who had proper logging licenses in Florida to replace the former crew and Greg Chapman and his team has a great history in Florida.

Ax MenChapman Logging roam the waters on the St. Johns River. It’s the longest river in Florida. It has great historical presence in America dating back to the 1800s when French and Spanish settlers inhabited the river. Today it’s endured overwhelming damage by it’s growing human population and is becoming a site for tourists. The population spike is making it difficult for the Chapman Logging who is having to develop new technologies to help them do their job. The river itself is filled with dangers like Crocodiles, snapping turtles and more.

Clint Roberts Dreadknot Chapman LoggingChapman is also going to be big competition for the Dreadknots. The Dreadknots are the most bad ass river loggers in the world. They claim they are in a class of their own. They developed the name from their favorite G.I. Joe characters. Dreadknots are considered divers.

Although there is a feud between the logging companies because Chapman has gone into their territory there is a history with them. Greg, the owner, knew captain Clint Roberts.

Greg Chapman has 9 grand kids named Jacob, Anthony, Natalie, Jewels, Krissy, Heather, Izzie, Jared and Ben the infant. Greg owns the Logging company and has been a serious competitor in logging for years. He travels throughout the year to other regions in the south including South Carolina, West Virginia and Louisiana but their headquarters is Connelly Springs North Carolina. Greg currently resides in Orange Springs. Each of the logs he booms can fetch upwards several thousand dollars earning Greg a net worth of $600,000 over his career. Today he continues logging for a living but he began logging to find wood for his dream log cabin, which he hopes to build on a farm he and his girlfriend own in Iowa. There is also a catch to logging in Florida you can not pull trees that have fallen naturally only the ones you cut yourself. Chapman’s “regular” job is preparing land that has been logged for re-planting.

Roger Gunter Ax MenRoger Gunter is a native of Palatka Florida. He’s 74 years old and has a long history in Florida for getting in trouble. Back in the day he used to do monkey fishing hauling in 400 to 600 catfish a day. Monkey fishing is illegal and has the same mystique as moon shining in the Tennessee hills. Roger was very skilled at what he did. He had a large 14 foot net made of aluminium and if a Game warden happened to be in the area he could easily sink it in the river. Gunter went poaching several times a week for almost 40 years but was only caught 6 times. Before fishing he had served in the 82nd Airborne. He was out of the service before Vietnam, but while in parachuted competitively for the Army. He kept jumping for years after that. He also used to catch alligators but stopped when his friends got caught by the feds. Smart move Roger. He is considered a notorious poacher in Florida, a legend almost which is why he is perfect for Chapman Logging.

Leslie Jeter has been with Chapman for 20 years. He works with him to maintain US Forestry and Florida State forest roads. Jeter has been loyal to Greg and holds things down for him, second in charge.